June, 2020
In the past months, I have recorded several podcast episodes in Chinese, including three with Art Is Poison on Mary Gariel’s Ninth Street WomenNam June Paik Exhibition at Tate Modern and Olivia Laing’s Funny Weather respectively. I also produced the first episode for Mingming, a platform I initiated with freinds for documenting the on-going art situation in pan-Chinese and Asian contexts. This episode was in collaboration with Jiang Chunyu and Liu Lijuan who have conducted a dozen of interviews with art school students. Many of them had to leave the campuses and move their degree shows online due to the Covid-19 pandemic – this episode is therefore a survey of the current (April 2020) situation of Chinese art studenets all over the world. Previously, Mingming also published two articles that index online contents relating to the passing away of artist Huang Yong Ping and the wide discussion on artist payment in the event of Jimei Arles Photo Festival. In March, when the pandemic swept across China, I wrote a piece in Chinese about an anoymous action ‘Farewell to Li Wenliang’ which I consider to be the best artwork in China during the pandemic. I also published one piece on Engage journal issue 44 about the short curatorial courses, with Shanghai Curator’s Lab as my case study and accordingly, I also invited friends Cecilia Giurgevich and Canan Batur to talk about their experience in the first Shanghai Curator’s Lab in 2018. 

An on-going writing project focusing on why artists are creating artworks today. 
Co-led a one-week short course on Public Art with curator and commissioner Tamsin Dillon as part of the RCA MA group. 
与策展人Tamsin Dillon带领一了一周的讨论公共艺术的工作坊。
Participated in RCA’s Research Trip to Shanghai in collaboration with Westbund Art Fair and Shanghai University during the July.
Passed the confirmation exam and became a Ph.D. candicate.