based in London
researches on the curatorial,  
curates still and moving images,
writes about art and life.




Nie Xiaoyi is currently conducting a Ph.D. research in Royal College of Art about taking collective marching as a curatorial mothod. She is a dedicated observer of still and moving images and interested in the relation between situational knowledge and bodily experiences.  Her recent collaboration research project ‘Metamorphosis: Art Practices Now Activating Archives and Public Memories’ with Hu Hao and Liu Zhangbolong was selected into the curatorial research exhibition in OCAT Institute. In 2017, She was invited to be the nominator and curator for Jimei-Arles Discovery Award, collaborated with Zhong Jialing in email project One Reading The Views which has been published and co-curated ‘Itinerant Assembly’ in collaboration with Gasworks investigating the potential of temporal collectives in cities.

聂小依,北京大学国际政治系法学学士,英国皇家艺术学院当代艺术策展硕士,现于英国皇家艺术学院进行有关「集体行进」的博士研究,关注当代影像和地理空间,文章刊于《艺术世界》《艺术新闻》等。近期与胡昊、刘张铂泷合作的方案“重组/演绎:激活档案与公共记忆的当代艺术实践”入选OCAT北京研究中心的研究型展览方案招募,与钟嘉玲合作的电子邮件文本《读风景的人》也已发行出版。曾担任2017年集美阿尔勒国际摄影节发现奖提名人,并与伦敦煤气厂艺术空间(Gasworks)合作项目“Itinerant Assembly”试验在都市中如何暂时集结。

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