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Artist: Deng Yun


2017 Jimei-Arles International Photo Festival and Discovery Award
2017 集美阿尔勒国际摄影节发现奖单元

JIMEI | 集美

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2017. 11. 25 - 2018. 01. 03

Images: courtesy of the artist.

Deng Yun's photos are private and sensational, with a rare simplicity and frankness in our time. He is more like an ordinary guy with sensitive eyes who always stares at his life which happens to be slow and lonely. When looking at his photos of road trip views or illuminated factories running at night, I feel like I am diving into his life and suddenly fall into a floating and silent space without awareness. Deng is not a ‘professional’: his photos don’t form a series, he isn’t using the ‘project’ to create his work like college-educated artists selecting a phenomenon to research and producing a set of images for display. He’s not even an ‘artist’, as he doesn’t take these photographs to enter the exhibition-centred system or to update art history. ‘Art lover and practitioner’ is how he identifies himself. It is appropriate.

Deng has a blog on WeChat called Secret Life. It seems that in Japan, he lives alone in a city and often visits forests, seaside and snowy places. His landscapes usually have large blank space. He rarely shoots people (but often writes about people in his poems); if people appear they are often blurred. However, Deng takes strange and pure portraits of objects he encounters in his daily life. A curtain of lighted rain on a stormy night, quivering leaves, moths... They are usually put under artificial light with great subtlety, and often overexposed like the soul is escaping from its body. These extremely sensational stares, of course, offer an unusual beauty, but more importantly, Deng bears the contemporary life so honestly that he has anchored some emotions of our time, i.e. constant loneliness, restrained sentiment, and expectant silence for quirkiness. I thought of Wolfgang Tillmans while browsing Deng’s photos: they are both sensatively spotting the micro-spectacles in everyday life, weaving photography, poetry, and music together into their practice. Their expression is ultimately about what they are composed of; what they present is what they are immersed in, and the depth of their expression depends on their own acuteness and honesty. When today people’s sensations are shifting fast, Deng always turns to and confronts with the trivial elements in his life. In this sense, it is our own life that has quietly touched us when we look at Deng Yun’s photos.

邓云的照片,私人、感性,有现在稀少的简单和坦诚。他更像是视觉敏感的普通人,长久而贪婪地注 视着自己的生活,恰好又足够缓慢和孤独。即便他拍得是沿途风光或夜里发光的工厂,我仍觉得潜入 了他的生活,在无关紧要的时刻掉入了一线沉默。他不“专业”,他不像学院训练过的创作者们用项 目展开工作,选择一个问题后沿研究深入用图像展示 ;他甚至不“艺术家”,他拍照不是为了进入以 展览为中心的艺术展示系统,也并无野心去更新艺术史。“艺术爱好者、实践者”这个自称,像他。

邓云的博客和微信公众号叫“隐秘的生活”,看得出他在日本常去树林、海滩和雪乡,风景中浮动着 大块留白。他很少拍人(诗歌却常写到人),即便有也常常模糊或是局部。但邓云会给物件留下奇怪 而纯净的肖像,比如黑夜中被曝闪的雨幕、树叶、飞蛾,有些在人工光线下冷静地凸显细节,有些完 全过曝、溢出白光如正灵魂出窍。这些极度感官的凝视,当然提供了不同寻常的奇趣和美,但更重要 的,是邓云作为一个当代生活的承受者在这些细微处锚住了时代中的一些情绪 :习以为常的孤独、期 待怪诞的缄默、克制的伤感。看他的照片时,我会想到沃尔夫冈·提尔门斯,他们擅于感性地观看到 日常里的微观图景并以自身生活映照出身处的时代,而摄影、诗歌和音乐也被一同编织进他们的实践。 他们的表达都最终有关自己如何被构成,他们所展现的正是他们所沉浸其中的,而表达的深度则仰赖 他们自身的敏锐与诚实。在今天人们的感受迅疾滑动时,邓云平静地耗费生命与自己的生活对峙。在 这个意义上,邓云的照片中能轻易打动我们的,正是我们自己的生活。

About the Artist / 艺术家简介

Deng Yun is an amateur art lover and practitioner. Since 2003 he has lived in Japan. After quitting university, he began taking photos and writing. Many of his family members are musicians. His creative method is relatively free and full of emotion, and he is most happy when exploring delicate connections between different forms of art. His work has been nominated for the Xitek New Talent award, the Jinan International Biennial New Photographer Award, and the 9th Three Shadows Photography Prize.

邓云,艺术爱好者、实践者。 2003 年起旅居日本生活至今。大学中退后开始摄影与文字的创作。家人多从事音乐工作。创作方式相对自由和感性,也乐于探索各种形式的艺术之间存在的微妙联系。作品曾获得色影无忌新锐摄影师提名,济南国际双年展新摄影师大奖,入围第九届三影堂摄影奖。