Victoria Balcony



2016. 06 - 2016. 07

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Images: courtesy of the artist.

Victoria Balcony is located in the heart of London, 3 minutes away from Victoria Station and sitting just above the Neathouse Place Bus Stop L. Facing the street at the first floor, the balcony greets loads of different people everyday, talking with those who sits at the upper floor of the double-decker buses heading towards south London and those commuters who are waiting at the bus stop.

Xiaoyi is the temporary owner of Victoria Balcony and she has invited different artists to take the balcony as a stage where they can talk to people they care in London. During the two months, different artworks will occupy the balcony for some time. 

维多利亚阳台在Neathouse Place的巴士站旁边,因为在临街二楼,站在这个阳台上,你能见到许多不同的人,也能和坐在双层巴士上面的人打个招呼。


Participated artists and works | 参与艺术家及作品
Wolfgang Tillmans, EU Campaign
Yorkson, Global Dissapointment
Schinster, Curtain’s Wall
Youmee Hwang, Balcony’s Wing