Bolingbroke Walk


Shen Shijing, Zhang Binbin, Godai Sahara, Tan Jing, Rut Blees Luxembrg & Liu Jieyi

沈石京、张彬彬、佐原五大、谭婧、鲁特·布勒斯·卢森堡 &刘洁旖


2018. 11. 6 - 2018. 11. 30 

M50, Shanghai

Bolingbroke Walk

Project of Shen Shijing
Participanting Artist: Zhang Binbin, Godai Sahara, Tan Jing
Academic Contributor: Rut Blees Luxembrg
Curatorial Team: Nie Xiaoyi & Liu Jieyi

策划:聂小依 刘洁旖

Shen Shijing’s project 'Bolingbroke Walk' will be presented at Yard gallery in Shanghai during November, 2018. This is the first time for the artist to present his new works in China after his obtainment of M.A. in Photography from the Royal College of Art, U.K.. The presented works include the ongoing photography series Citizens, site-specific installations and artist books. Shen has expanded the boundary of the artwork and taken exhibition as the form of the project, while inviting participants Zhang Binbin, Godai Sahara and Tan Jing to contribute to the project’s evolving and transforming. By using different illuminating objects to bear the audience’s gaze and creating immersive and serene atmosphere, the artist suggests that human beings’ gaze at natural and artificial objects is also a reflection of humans’ emotions and desires.

The exhibition starts with a dark annular corridor exhibiting Citizens,ten images of lamp posts which will illuminate audience’s walk along the path. Similar but with different features, the images of Citizens have been photographed in different cities like London, Beijing, Shanghai, Shijiazhuang and Nanjing. On the one hand, it is obvious that these images are connected with the history of abstract photography. On the other hand, the title here also sarcastically brings these images into the field of ‘portrait’ photography and shadows them with strong political connotation. With these solemn portraits of lamp posts, the artist questions the relations among collectivity, individuality and hope in the politics.

In another work Landing on the Moon, Shen mounted an image of moonscape took by NASA in 1973 and places it on a dwarf wall to invite audiences to take a sit and appreciate the moon, while the original container is exhibited in the way of public museum’s presenting historic objects. For the artist, he feels both the poetic romance in the gaze towards the moon that has existed for thousands of years, as well as the unaccountable efforts that superpowers devoted into aerospace technology and military competition in the twentieth century. Rationality, fanaticism, cruelty and fragility are all contained in those conquests and gaze. By appropriating archival materials, the artist emphasises the blurred edge between emotional human beings and neutral objects. And through using these scientific images in aesthetic activities, Shen highlights the changing function of images while prolonging the life of these outdated outcome.

This project is named after Bolingbroke Walk, a narrow path in front of Shen’s home when he was living in Battersea, London. ‘Walk’ here also describes the experience of the visitors’ passing through the corridor and the changing nature of this exhibition during the one-month period–the project will invite performance artist Zhang Binbin to hold a participatory work at the opening, besides emerging artist Godai Sahara and Tan Jing will also contribute to the transformation of the project with their subtle installations. While gazing at the slowly changing works, the audience are invited to contemplate on the delicate emotions and experiences generated along human being’s interaction with the nature and the whole world.

2018年11月4日至30日,沈石京将于上海雅巢画廊呈现其个人展览项目“Bolingbroke Walk”。本次是艺术家在获得英国皇家艺术学院摄影硕士后,首次在国内展出其近年的全新创作,包括持续进行的摄影《公民》系列及艺术书、装置等多种媒介的不同作品。此次艺术家将延伸作品的边界,采用展览为项目形式,将展览整体空间构建为深夜城市街道,并邀请来自中日两国的参与者张彬彬、佐原五大和谭婧共同促使展览在进行中不断变化和演进。艺术家在展览中使用了不同的发光体作为观众的凝视对象,并通过令人沉浸的观看体验和安静庄重的氛围,提示着人们自古以来对自然与人造物的凝视也反映着人类自身的情感和欲望。



此次展览项目以沈石京在伦敦生活时居所门口的道路Bolingroke Walk为名,同时以”walk“(步行)描述展览中观众步行穿过的甬道的过程,并借指展览自身在一个月时间中的不断变化——行为艺术家张彬彬的参与式项目将在开幕时发生,青年艺术家佐原五大(Godai Sahara)和谭婧也会以微妙的装置作品丰富展览的变化。观众在凝视展览中缓慢改变的不同作品时,也将和艺术家一道体会掌握技术的人类在塑造自我与世界时流露出的细微情绪与经验。

Project Space / 项目空间

Godai Sahara, A Gift from Someone Who Wishes to Cry but Hardly Ever Does
Soap (100% vegetable source), tea, washing tools, paper bags

Tan Jing, but there is no one for me
谭婧, 《蹦极跳令人受创(蹦极跳令人受创又不是蹦极跳的错)》
Clay, Silicone, Tube, Bungee Jump Rope, Pumping Machine, Slime

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Shijing Shen graduated from Nanjing Normal University( NNU) as a bachelor of Arts in 2016 and the Royal College of Art, London as Master of Arts. He is now based in Shijiazhuang, Hebei. His works has shown in Nanjing (China), Tokyo (Japan), London (U.K.). Recently, the work Ranmmed Earth selected to the Ariadne Project, a series of public events curated by Linsey Young (British Contemporary Art Curator, Tate Britain) and Rut Blees Luxemburg (Senior Research Fellow, RCA). The work is showing in the RCA’s south campus in London. Another work Citizens is selected to the London Nights hosted by Museum of London and selected by writer Lewis Bush, Rut Blees Luxemburg, Liz Jobey and Anna Sparham (Museum of London’s Curator of Photographs).

Rut Blees Luxemburg is an artist and educator from Germany. Her work deals with the representation of the city and the phenomenon of the urban, ranging from large- scale photographs to public art installations and operatic mise-en-scène. Her permanent public art work Silver Forest for the façade of Westminster City Hall in London is a 30 meter large photographic work cast in concrete, connecting the urban landscape of Beijing and London. Rut Blees Luxemburg is a reader in urban aesthetics at The Royal College of Art.

Jing Tan (b. 1992) lives and works in Shenzhen and other places. Her practice combines her expertise in the unpredictable composition of materials and techniques, with her whimsical intertwist of elements from biology and folklore. Recent shows include Corporal Temperature, Pilotenkuche, Germany (2018); Space Chorus, Alt Handelsschule gallery, Germany (2018); COMMASENSE, Canary wharf Centre, London (2017); Anagenesis speice., Dongliang Gallery, Shanghai (2015, solo).

Godai Sahara lives and works in Berlin, Tokyo and other places. (Sahara makes wine from rainwater. Rainwine tastes simple, made from plain ingredients, almost like rainwater with a subtle hint of alcohol. It varies depending on the location of rain collection. Sometimes it’s pure and clear, sometimes it’s filthy leaving unidentifiable flavour. ) Sahara’s work has been featured in exhibitions including Good Samaritan, GAO, London 2018; Cairn Gallery, Pittenweem 2018; Ascending Delight, Glasgow International, Glasgow 2018; Snow/River-wine Tasting, Narva Art Residence, Narva 2018; Safety at the Savoy Centre, Savoy Centre, Glasgow 2017; REcreative Screening, South London Gallery, London 2016


沈石京,南京师范大学美术学院摄影系文学学士,英国皇家艺术学院纯艺术摄影硕士,现于河北石家庄进行创作。作品曾展览于南京、日本东京、英国伦敦等地,近期作品《京》入选英国泰特美术馆策展人Linsey Young与艺术家Rut Blees Luxemburg共同主持的皇家艺术学院公共项目,目前正于伦敦Battersea地区展示。同时,作品《公民》入选伦敦博物馆馆长Anna Sparham主持的London Nights项目,目前于伦敦博物馆展出中。

鲁特·布勒斯·卢森堡(Rut Blees Luxemburg)是一位来自德国的艺术家和教育者,目前为英国皇家艺术学院的城市美学方面的教授。她的作品包括大尺幅的摄影作品、公共艺术装置和戏剧布景,常再现城市和城市中的现象。她在伦敦威斯敏斯特市政厅门前的永久摄影装置《银色森林》长三十米,由水泥浇筑完成,将北京与伦敦的城市景观结合在了一起。

谭婧(1992年生于中国广东)现创作,工作于深圳及其他城市。她擅长于研究不同材料个体的性质与形态,结合雕塑或装置艺术表达,展 现。生物学与民俗学给予她诸多谲怪轻盈的灵感与想象,并交织在具有实验性质的材料与手法中。部分展览包括《集体的温度》,Piloten- kuche 美术馆,莱比锡,德国(2018);《宇宙回响》,Alt Handelsschule美术馆,莱比锡,德国(2018);《COMMASENSE》行为 艺术表演,伦敦(2017);《衍生细物》,栋梁,上海(2015)。