Itinerant Assembly


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2017. 01 - 2017. 05 

Images: courtesy of the artist.

Participating Artists | 参与艺术家

Adriana Minoliti/ Cocoy Lumbao Catarina de Oliveira / Seth Pimlott / Ben Rosenthal / (play)ground-less / Emma Haugh / They Are Here / Jane Frances Dunlop / Mira Loe / Luli Perez

Digital Consultancy | 技术咨询
Jacob Charles Wilson

Hackpad Participants | Hackpad 参与人
Alice Bucknell / Anne de Boer / Ben Vickers / Zheng Bo / Eloïse Bonneviot / Lina Hermsdorf / Nora Khan / Salvatore Iaconesi / Shumi Bose

Thanks to | 致谢
Arts Council England / Curating Contemporary Art programme / Royal College of Art
Gasworks / Green Rooms Hotel / Second Home / Werkflow Ltd.

What does it mean to inhabit the temporary?
Where do we find the local, when we are constantly on-the-move?
Who forms our community, when we exist inside a global network?
And what does it mean to be an artist in today’s digitalised and nomadic world?

As precarity escalates in the global city, ways of living, modes of working, and networks of people have become hyper-mobile. Taking place at Gasworks, with its international artist-residency programme set in Vauxhall, a rapidly developing area of London, Itinerant Assembly takes this context as its starting point.

Over the course of four months, this curated project unfolded outwards in 5 assemblies: momentarily bringing together diverse practitioners and publics in real and virtual space to reflect on our contemporary nomadic condition and to question the productive potential of the temporary. Distilled in a series of graphic manuals, every Assembly is open to reactivation by anyone.
当我们都身处一个全球化的网络中时, 谁组成了我们的共同体?


在四个月的过程里,这个策展项目会逐渐展开形成一系列的“集合”:集合#1为与Gaswork驻地艺术家为期一个月的采访,跟踪驻地过程中的创作变化。集合#2为柏林艺术家Emma Haugh带领的两日“读书剧团”工作坊,以身体和行为回应Hakim Bay的文本The Autonomous Zone;集合#3为艺术家组合They Are Here带领的移动工作坊;集合4是指派成员分布于全球的艺术家组合Play(groud)less使用虚拟现实技术创作装置作品,探索赛博空间中的聚集;集合#5 Hackpad将以线上讨论的方式整合前期实践并引发新的讨论,在伦敦的Gasworks, Green Rooms, Second Home三处空间同时展开并以行为艺术回应在虚拟空间中的讨论。


Curated by Alice White, Chloe Hodge, Hannah Zafiropoulos, Xiaoyi Nie, Rosie Hermon and Tiffany Leung as part of the Curating Contemporary Art programme Graduate Projects 2017, Royal College of Art.

流动集合是皇家艺术学院当代艺术策展系2017年的毕业项目,由Alice White, Chloe Hodge, Hannah Zafiropoulos, Xiaoyi Nie, Rosie Hermon and Tiffany Leung共同策划。